At Fairybi, we offer 3 options: Pre-order, Production, and In-stock. More details below:

1. Pre-order:
- If you are not in a hurry this option is a perfect choice and the best way to save your money. We guarantee a special discount (up to 70%) for all pre-order items.

- Fairybi offers a special deal for bulk orders and usually offers 3 to 5 deals every week, each deal lasts for 7 days. If you place a bulk order with our special deal please expect to wait extra time for the order to be fulfilled.

- Pre-orders take an average of 14 - 20 working days (7 days ordering period + 6 - 8 days manufacturing + 3 - 5 days shipping). Each order will be guaranteed to be delivered latest from 20 to 23 days. Please note our manufacturers will require a minimum number for each bulk order, your order won’t be processed if it doens't meet the requirements.

 2. Production:

 - Production means your item will be processed as soon as your order is placed. We are offering the lowest pricing possible from our manufacturer cost, which is 15-30% discount and better shipping time of around 7 - 13 days.

 - Fairybi makes sure to save you time searching for the right outfit with the best value for money.

 3. In-stock:

 We have the latest trending models/items available on the website with the shortest shipping time. The only thing you need to do is order and they will be processed immediately. Expected arrival date are 3 -5 working days.